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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of curtains do you use at JCPenney?

Archaeo Sarro Washed Tab Top Window Tiers Whether you use them as a window treatment or layer them with curtains, drapes, shades, or blinds, sheer curtains add a polished look to your windows. JCPenney offers a variety of colors, widths, and sizes of sheer curtain panels to give you what you need to obtain that perfect designer touch.

What to look for in JCPenney window treatments?

JCPenney offers a wide variety of window treatments and the hardware you need to dress your windows in style-all at a price you can afford. While you're looking at window sheers, also check out blackout curtains for your home and pick rods, brackets, and other items you'll need to install them.

What kind of curtains do you use for window treatments?

If you're into a natural look, check out our dark wood blinds. You'll also discover that window treatments are practical. Get creative on cutting your utility bills by choosing a set of thermal curtains. These provide the décor styling you like while keeping the warm air in during the winter and the cold air out.

What to do with curtains in your bedroom?

Make your bedroom more inviting with window treatments that are both practical and beautiful. Choose from a selection of room darkening curtains, shades, and blinds. Hang a pair of blackout curtains on a wooden curtain rod to add a touch of understated elegance to your room.

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