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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the sponsors of the Church Pension Fund?

The Church Pension Fund The Church Pension Fund (CPF) is the sponsor and administrator of pension and other benefit plans for The Episcopal Church. CPF and its affiliated companies, collectively the Church Pension Group (CPG), provide retirement, health, life insurance, and related benefits for its clergy and lay employees.

Is there a pension plan for Episcopal Church employees?

Today, CPF also sponsors and administers pension plans for eligible lay employees, as well as The Episcopal Church Retirement Savings Plan, a vehicle through which clergy and eligible lay employees can save their own retirement dollars. See the CPG Fact Sheet to learn more.

How to get access to my pension fund email?

I f you've not previously received a Welcome Email from Pension Fund or are unsure if you have access, please call our Member Relations Team at 866.495.7322 to verify your identity and request access. For security purposes, we cannot take requests for access via email.

When does the Pension Fund Board of directors meet?

STRONG. SMART. SECURE. RETIREMENT OPTIONS. Pension Fund’s Board of Directors met virtually April 21-25, 2021. In addition to receiving updates on the decentralized operation of the fund and continued plans for risk mitigation, the board awarded the largest total dollar Special Apportionment in the organization’s history.

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