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Frequently Asked Questions

When to start your pension?

To be eligible to start an account based pension you need to meet certain conditions of release. This is generally when you’ve reached the age of 60 and retired or you have reached your preservation age.

What age is considered early for retirement?

The Social Security Administration defines early retirement age as age 62. If you begin taking Social Security benefits at age 62, you will receive a reduced benefit.

When is my state pension age?

State Pension age. The current State Pension age is: 65 for men born before 6 December 1953. between 60 and 65 for women born between 6 April 1950 and 5 December 1953.

What is normal retirement age for 401k?

Age at which an individual can retire from his or her position and receive all the benefits guaranteed under a retirement plan such as 401k or 403B. The standard retirement age in the United States is 65.

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