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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pension plan form part of my estate?

Generally, pension plans do not form part of your estate when you die and are free from Inheritance tax.

Can a lump-sum pension be paid to a deceased person?

The CRA noted that it will not normally object to a lump-sum payment out of a pension plan that is paid to a beneficiary being reported on the terminal return of the deceased in accordance with the Act as a right or thing where the pensioner died prior to being entitled to receive retirement benefits under the pension.

What happens if my spouse dies before I get my pension?

If you are married and die before you receive your first pension payment, PBGC will pay your surviving spouse a survivor benefit. Your spouse can begin this benefit as early as the date you would have been eligible to receive a benefit from PBGC.

What is a beneficiary of a pension plan?

Beneficiary Generally, a person designated by a pension plan participant, or by the plan's terms, to receive some or all of the participant's pension benefits upon the participant's death. application for benefits:

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