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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities regarding pension contributions as a payroll worker?

The records held by the company will include all relevant contribution data. In summary, as a payroll worker your responsibilities regarding pension contributions include keeping track of each worker's contribution and providing a front-line response for employees asking for information about their pension.

What is the Office of payroll&pension administration?

The Office of Payroll & Pension Administration is a dedicated team of professionals committed to serving the needs of City of Birmingham employees and pensioners.

What do I need to do if my employee has a pension?

If they’re going to carry on working for you, you’ll need to set up a new payroll record and payroll ID for their pension payments.

What is a pension plan and how does it work?

When an employer maintains a pension plan, the business makes regular contributions to the plan on behalf of its employees without necessarily requiring contributions by the employees.

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