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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Pay my People magazine account?

There are several options to pay your People Magazine bills. You can either pay online at People Magazine's website, or you can use Prism's mobile app to pay all your bills.

What is the phone number for People magazine?

The customer support phone number of Peoples Magazine is 1-877-604-6512, 1-866-769-0199 (Click phone number to call).

How do I cancel my subscription to People magazine?

If you are a subscriber to People magazine and no longer want to receive the periodical, you can cancel online, through email and over the phone. You can cancel at any time during your subscription period. People will send a refund for any issues remaining in your subscription.

Is People magazine Weekly?

People is an American weekly magazine of celebrity and human-interest stories, published by Meredith Corporation. With a readership of 46.6 million adults, People has the largest audience of any American magazine.

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