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Frequently Asked Questions

What additional information is available in the PEOPLEnet fleet manager?

in the PeopleNet Fleet Manager, drivers can cycle through additional information: • peedS • PMR • ext 34 Hr ResetN • mbient TempA • ompass HeadingC Brightness Control Control bright and dim settings in Safe Mode screen using the soft buttons. By default, screen brightness is set to auto-dim based on the ambient lighting.

Are PEOPLEnet edriver logs compliant with federal regulations?

888-346-3486 PeopleNet eDriver Logs meet federal regulations in the United States for Property and Passenger carriers and also supports US federal Oilfield regulations by the Dept. of Transportation (49 C.F.R. § 395.15) and in Canada below and above the 60th

How do I use The PEOPLEnet connected tablet?

The PeopleNet Connected Tablet is designed to use with the Tablet docking station. It is recommended that you use the PeopleNet Connected Tablet with the docking station when possible. Soft Keyboard Touching a text field causes the keyboard to show. The text fields pan up the screen as focus moves to the next field.

How do I authorize drivers to log in?

Press the SUBMITbutton to authorize driver credentials. NOTE:If a second user needs to log in at the same time, press the DRIVER2button to redisplay the Login screen. Repeat steps 3 and 4. NOTE:A maximum of two drivers can be actively logged in at any time.

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