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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Peoria unified school district?

Peoria Unified School District is nestled in the Northwest Valley of Peoria, Arizona and is home to 42 stellar public schools that are unique and created to fit the needs of all students.

Where is Peoria PUSD located?

Peoria Unified School District #11 (PUSD) is a school district headquartered in the District Administration Center (DAC) in Glendale, Arizona. It provides both primary and secondary education for most of Peoria, some areas of Glendale and Youngtown, and a small area of Surprise, and numerous unincorporated areas of Maricopa County.

What is the history of Peoria School District 11?

Peoria Unified School District #11 began in 1889, covering 49 square miles (127 km 2). During the first school year, the class size expanded from 5 to 15 students. The following year the district opened with a class size of three students. Maricopa County was considering merging Peoria District #11 with Washington Elementary School District #6.

What is Peoria Unified Office 365?

Peoria Unified provides online access to Microsoft Office 365. Students have the ability to use email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote anywhere internet is available. Office 365 is also the place students can save and store their school files.

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