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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name peregrine mean?

Peregrine as a boys' name is pronounced PARE-a-green. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Peregrine is "traveler, wanderer".

Why can the peregrine falcon fly so fast?

I hypothesis that a peregrine falcons flies so fast because of the way it's body is designed. It might have certain functions which maintain its heart beat and lungs while at jet-like speeds since, the falcon will need additional oxygen + blood to go to all its body parts while at those speeds.

What do peregrine falcons prey on?

Peregrine falcons primarily prey on small birds and occasionally small mammals, lizards and insects. When preying on birds, the peregrine falcon attacks and kills its prey in mid flight, then brings it to a perch to feed. Smaller prey items, such as bats and insects can be eaten in mid flight.

What is Peregrine Capital Management?

Peregrine Capital Management is best described as a boutique equity firm. Since 1984, our sole mission has been to provide a limited institutional client base style integrity, superior returns and outstanding client service.

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