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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Close Your eBay account?

To close your eBay account 1. Sign in to your eBay account, one final time. 2. Request to delete your eBay account. 3. Indicate a reason for wanting to close your account. 4. Read the tips provided for solving eBay issues associated with your reason for leaving, and choose to close your account, or keep it. 5. Permanently close your eBay account.

Does eBay delete inactive accounts?

eBay does not delete accounts *just* because they are inactive. eBay does delete accounts that have not been active for a while, if they are unable to contact the account owner, or if the email address is not valid any more.

How do I delete an user?

1. Open Local Users and Groups, and click/tap on the Users folder in the left pane to open it. 2. Click/tap on a user (ex: Example) you want to delete in the middle pane to select it, click/tap on More Actions under the same user's name (ex: Example) in the right "Actions" pane, and click/tap on Delete.

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