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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a long distance permit for the PCT?

PCT Long-distance Permit If you plan on hiking or horseback riding 500 or more continuous miles along the PCT in a single trip, the Pacific Crest Trail Association can issue you an interagency PCT Long-distance Permit. The USDA Forest Service and PCTA will issue long-distance permits for the 2021 Pacific Crest Trail season.

Do you need a PCT permit to hike the Pacific Crest Trail?

PCT Permits. Generally, taking a hike on the Pacific Crest Trail does not require any special permits or fees. You can go to just about any trailhead in Oregon and start hiking. However, there are a few exceptions to that rule.

Why do you need interagency pass on PCT?

This interagency pass is aimed at trail users who plan to traverse 500 or more continuous miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s intended to replace dozens of individual permits that would otherwise be needed to cross the patchwork of state and federal lands that comprise the PCT.

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