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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the permits office in Lake Charles La?

Contact the Calcasieu Parish Permits. You may contact the Building Department by calling 337-721-3600, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Calcasieu Parish Permits, 1015 Pithon Street, Lake Charles, Louisiana, 70601.

What are the rules for building in Lake Charles?

All enclosed residential or commercial structures/buildings, and any substantial improvements related to the same, shall be constructed at the minimum floor elevation as established above. b.

Do you need Elevation Certificate for Lake Charles La?

Planning and Codes divisions will review pertinent residential building and zoning codes. Office of Zoning and Land Use will determine that the property has been properly platted and addressed. If the property is determined to be located within a Flood Hazard area, an elevation certificate may be required.

What does the city of Lake Charles do?

The Planning Department strives to administer safe, balanced, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable physical developments to Lake Charles while protecting the larger public interest and improving quality. As a partner and through Chamber SWLA, the City of Lake Charles is dedicated to improving the economic reinvestment in the community.

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