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Frequently Asked Questions

When to apply for a building permit in Lake Worth Texas?

The permit application will be approved and a permit issued when all provisions of the adopted codes and ordinances are met.

What is the mission of the city of Lake Worth?

This mission of the Permits and Inspections Department is to provide citizens, businesses, and visitors to the City of Lake Worth with the access and safety when in or around buildings in the city limits. To become more efficient and productive, by reducing the amount of waste and using new techniques.

Do you need to register for business license in Lake Worth Beach?

LOGGING INTO OR REGISTERING IS CURRENTLY Not applicable to Business Licenses or Building Permits at this time. Please just scroll down and select the application you wish to submit and you can fill it out no login / registration is required.

How to contact the city of Lake Worth Beach?

Make a public records request with the City Clerk. Find and Purchase various burial services. Sign up for our weekly virtual meeting. Submit Public comment for All City Commission Meetings, this includes special meetings and work sessions. Submit Public comment for City Advisory Board Meetings.

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