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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for Lockdown Level 3?

Caxton Local Media summarises the rules on movement and permits under lockdown level 3. All forms and permits appear in image form at the bottom of this feature for readers to download and use. As with all previous versions, current lockdown regulations require social distancing, sanitising and staying home, leaving only for necessities and work.

Do you need a work permit for Level 3?

I will be doing part time work when lockdown level 3 kicks in as thats when its allowed. I wanted to know is private/personal work (Garden Work), do I need to apply for a permit or how does this work?

Do you need CIPC certificate during Level 3 Lockdown?

Businesses will no longer have to rely on government issued CIPC certificates to conduct business during the nationwide lockdown’s Alert Level 3 after a court judgement was handed down deeming prior directives by the Department of Small Business Development illegal.

When did South Africa move to Level 3 Lockdown?

South Africa moved to level 3 lockdown on Monday, 1 June, with more than eight million employees expected to return to work this week. Except for those businesses and institutions that are expressly excluded, businesses may now operate and employees may travel to and from work, says Talita Laubscher, a partner at law firm Bowmans.

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