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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 aspects of personality?

Five Factors at a Glance Openness to Experience. The openness to experience dimension of personality is characterised by a willingness to try new activities. Conscientiousness. People who are conscientious are more aware of their actions and the consequences of their behavior than people who are unconscientious. Extraversion. ... Agreeableness. ... Neuroticism. ...

What are the sixteen personality types?

It divide the human psychology into 16 distinctive personality types based on their level of Extroversion, Introversion, Perceptiveness, Judgement, Intuitiveness, Logical Thinking, Sensitivity to feelings, and the ability to stay objective.

What are the four personality styles?

A new research have disclosed that mankind can be categorized in four basic types of personality: pessimistic, optimistic, envious and trusting.

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