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Frequently Asked Questions

What does code enforcement do in Perth Amboy?

Code Enforcement (Electrical, Plumbing, Building and Housing) Inspectors are ensuring compliance with codes, regulations, and permits in a proper, timely fashion within the limits of the law. The Department of Code works has improved communication, response time, procedures and departmental coordination.

What does municipal court do in Perth Amboy?

The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all motor vehicle matters, parking tickets, fish and game laws, code enforcement and minor offenses such disorderly persons, simple assault, harassment, shoplifting, criminal mischief and all municipal ordinances.

Who is the mayor of Perth Amboy Dominican Republic?

On January 8, 2021 Mayor Helmin J. Caba made history as the first elected mayor of Dominican Republic descent in the City of Perth Amboy. Since taking office, Mayor Caba has been addressing the significant challenges facing the city’s financial conditions, budget deficits, and the public health emergency of COVID-19.

How did Perth Amboy New Jersey get its name?

The Lenape Native Americans called the point on which the city is built "Ompoge", meaning "level ground" or "standing or upright". When settled in 1684, the new city was dubbed New Perth in honor of James Drummond, Earl of Perth, one of the associates of a company of Scottish proprietors.

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