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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fire department in Perth Amboy NJ?

Perth Amboy Fire Department As one of the oldest fire departments in Middlesex County, serving since 1881, the Perth Amboy Fire Department provides fire protection, EMS, and rescue services for the 4.5 square mile city of Perth Amboy, NJ. In 1890, the city of Perth Amboy hired the first Paid Firefighters.

Who are the members of Perth Volunteer Fire Company?

Congrats to our 6 newest members who completed the Fire Police Class. The members of the Perth Volunteer Fire Company would like to remind our community we still have 2 more dates this year for our BBQ Chicken Bakes!

Where is the fire station in Perth WA?

Across the country, Fire,EMS and Police emergency responses are delayed as they are unable to locate the correct address. When someone calls 911 for an emergency, emergency responders are dispatched to that address, for example "Perth fire respond to 1234 Main Street".

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