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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the tax assessor in Perth Amboy NJ?

PO Box 871The City of Perth Amboy Assessor's Office is located in the City of Perth City Hall in Perth Amboy, Middlesex County, New Jersey. There are three major roles involved in administering property taxes - Tax Assessor, Property Appraiser, and Tax Collector.

Who is the mayor of Perth Amboy NJ?

He has “rolled up his sleeves” with tenacious effort to balance the city’s budget while keeping in mind the highest priorities of our community’s needs that make up a large Hispanic majority population. Mayor Caba looks to re-establish Perth Amboy as one of the leading cities in Middlesex County. Stay Connected - Effortlessly!

When do I get my Perth Amboy tax quarters?

The 1st and 2nd (February and May) Quarters are usually mailed in January. The 3rd and 4th (August and November) Quarters are usually mailed in July. Each quarter has a 10-day grace period which includes the due date.

When is a lien sold in Perth Amboy?

At the Sale, a lien is sold for the amount of delinquent taxes and water/sewer charges, plus interest and costs of Sale. The Sale, which is held in December of each year, will include any taxes and water/sewer charges due through the 4th quarter of that year.

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