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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was HMAS Perth during World War 2?

HMAS Perth (I) during World War II – Battle of the Java Sea HMAS Perth (I) was one of three Leander class light cruisers commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in 1939. It saw active service off South America and in the Mediterranean, before returning to Sydney for a major refit.

Where was Western Australia during World War 2?

During March 1944, the Allies of World War II rapidly reinforced the military units located in the state of Western Australia to defend against the possibility that Japanese warships would attack the cities of Fremantle and Perth.

What was life like in Perth during World War 2?

They used public transport, so the pace of life was much slower – although, during the War, Perth had more charcoal burning cars than any other Australian city, an early indicator, perhaps of the city’s enduring love affair with motor vehicles. Perth was seen as a safe environment, so houses were left unlocked.

Where did the Battle of Perth take place?

Orders were received for the cruisers to sail through the Sunda Strait for Tjilitjap on Java's south coast. They sailed at 7.00 pm on 28 February and set a course to the west for the Strait, Perth leading, with Houston five cables astern. At 11.06 a vessel was sighted at about five miles range, close to St Nicholas Point.

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