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Frequently Asked Questions

How many animals are in the Perth Zoo?

Perth Zoo, with over 1500 animals and some of the most beautiful gardens in Western Australia, is your ultimate day out. Open every day of the year, Perth Zoo inspires and directs all work to save wildlife.

Why is Perth Zoo important to the world?

We exist to inspire and act for wildlife conservation. We are part of a global conservation community working toward species conservation, within our borders and beyond them. Many animals in the wild are facing extinction. Thanks to your generous donations, Perth Zoo can save threatened species in the wild and their habitats.

Where to see Close Encounters at Perth Zoo?

Close Encounters | Perth Zoo Go behind-the-scenes to experience our rare and extraordinary animals up-close! Welcome to Perth Zoo Perth Zoo is open and back to normal operations! Find out more Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to search African Painted Dog off display Binturong off display Corn Snake off display Pygmy Python off display

What was the name of the first zoo built in Australia?

His son Ernest was chosen as the first director of the Perth Zoo, and work began in 1897. The first exhibits built included two bear caves, a monkey house, a mammal house and a model castle for guinea pigs. The first animals on display included an orangutan, two monkeys, four ostriches, a pair of lions, and a tiger.

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