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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Perth Mint's investment platform?

The Perth Mint’s latest investment platform, powered by Trovio technology, offers investors the trusted quality for which Perth Mint products are renowned with the flexibility and convenience to access their wealth at any time. Transact gold or silver in AUD or USD.

What is Perth Mint gold token?

Perth Mint Gold Token - PMGT The Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) is the first digital gold token on a public blockchain ultimately backed by government guaranteed gold. Each digital token is issued by Trovio and backed by physical gold held by The Perth Mint. For further information about PMGT, please refer to Trovio’s official PMGT website.

Are GoldPass digital certificates backed by Perth Mint?

All GoldPass digital certificates are 100% backed by physical Perth Mint gold and silver stored in its central bank grade vaults, with the weight and purity of every ounce guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia. GoldPass digital certificates are an alternative to cryptocurrency investments.

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