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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Perth Mint doing with unallocated silver?

The Perth Mint is pleased to advise that as of today it has reintroduced unallocated silver to its portfolio of investment products. The Perth Mint is delighted to announce that Mr Don Mackay-Coghill was this week inducted into The Gold Industry Hall of Fame at the 2016 Precious Metals Investment Symposium Gala Awards Dinner in Sydney.

Why is the LBMA investigating Perth Mint?

In response, the London Bullion Market Association, the world's largest precious metals exchange, said it was reviewing Perth Mint's ethical sourcing accreditation. The investigation by the LBMA, which said it was taking the revelations "very seriously", has seen HSBC suspend purchases of 400 ounce gold bars and the smaller 1kg bars from the mint.

Why have HSBC and JPMorgan stopped buying gold from Perth Mint?

Two of the world's largest banks, HSBC and JPMorgan, have stopped buying gold from the Perth Mint, citing potential damage to their reputation and concerns the government-owned refiner could lose its London accreditation.

What's the big deal about the WA Gold Mint?

The mint, which is owned and guaranteed by the WA government, is the largest refiner of newly mined gold in the world. "Both the banks (HSBC and JPMorgan) are concerned that by doing business with the mint they could be implicated in its troubles," one source who has spoken with staff at the two banks about the new policy said.

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