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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from the Perth Mint?

Curently available in 1 kilo. As one of the world’s largest refiners of gold and silver, The Perth Mint is ideally placed to service investors looking to acquire precious metals, as we have a steady stream of precious metals coming into our refinery from gold and silver miners on a daily basis.

How do I register with the Perth Mint?

To take advantage of direct, online access to The Perth Mint world-renowned bullion range, it is necessary to complete our registration form. Quick and easy to fill out, it will qualify you to start buying precious metals usually within 24 hours.

Is the Perth Mint open during covid-19?

For the latest information on public opening hours and access to our Shop, tour & Exhibition, Bullion Trading and Sell Your Gold Jewellery, refer to the current COVID-19 Update The Perth Mint Café and Corporate Functions business will remain closed until further notice.

What is a Perth Mint gold bullion coin?

In 1987, The Perth Mint launched Australia’s first gold bullion coin for investors. Responsible for the manufacture and marketing of Australia’s official bullion coin program, we offer a stunning choice of 99.99% pure gold bullion coins , 99.9% and 99.99% pure silver bullion coins and a 99.95% pure platinum coin.

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