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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free newspapers in Perth Australia?

PSN is a group of privately owned and operated suburban newspapers in the Perth (Western Australia) metropolitan area. Our papers are free and delivered weekly to all homes and businesses in their respective areas.

How to get daily news from Perth Herald?

Get a daily dose of Perth Herald news through our daily email, its complimentary and keeps you fully up to date with world and business news as well. Publish news of your business, community or sports group, personnel appointments, major event and more by submitting a news release to Perth Herald .

Why was the Perth Gazette changed to the Western Australian times?

Originated as a change of masthead of The Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal; from October 1864 the masthead changed to The Perth Gazette and Western Australian Times in recognition of the absorption of its short-lived competitor, The Western Australian Times .

Who are the owners of Perth Suburban News?

Perth Suburban Newspapers are independent of any national or multi national media organisations; our editorial content is not influenced by any vested interests. Our newspapers are owned and operated by West Australians who live and work in their circulation areas.

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