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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best second hand watch dealer in Perth?

This makes us a factory perfect finish world class watch dealer in Perth second hand watches. Experts in Second Hand Watches Perth. We are Australia's foremost experts in second hand watches and Perth watch restoration.

Where are watches of Switzerland located in Perth?

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Watches of Switzerland Australia is thrilled to unveil its new home in Perth’s CBD. Located in upmarket Raine Square, the city’s premier retail, dining and entertainment precinct, this unique destination marks a revolution in our approach to boutique design.

When is the best time to Whale Watch in Perth?

The whale watching season in Perth focuses on two species of baleen whale who both have slightly different peak seasons. Depending on when you are wanting to go whale watching or what species you are inspired to meet will determine the best tour for you when whale watching in Perth.

Is there a Rolex store in Perth WA?

Celebrating the special relationship between our two brands, Rolex has created a beautiful design across a sizeable area, incorporating their latest design concept. As the only Rolex point of sale in Perth’s CBD this will absolutely be a destination for the city’s many watch lovers.

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