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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the players for the Perth Wildcats?

Perth Wildcats Player Pos. Height Age S%S Bryce Cotton PG 1m87 28 40.1% John Mooney PF 2m05 22 55.5% Todd Blanchfield SF / PF 2m00 29 44.4% Mitchell Norton PG 1m83 27 42.7% 10 more rows ...

Who was the coach of the Perth Wildcats in 1987?

Also in 1987, still captained by Mike Ellis, the Perth Wildcats introduced players to the roster that would become household names such as Kendal Pinder, James Crawford, Cal Bruton (player/coach), Alan Black, Eric Watterson and Trevor Torrance . The new talent paid off immediately for the Wildcats as the team made the finals for the first time.

How long has the Perth Wildcats been in the post season?

Since 1987, the Wildcats have made 35-straight post-season appearances, an accomplishment matched by no other professional sports team in Australia.

Are there any professional sports teams in Perth?

The Wildcats in Perth. The Wildcats are the city's only major professional basketball team and are one of Western Australia 's major summer sport teams, along with the Perth Scorchers (cricket, Big Bash League ), the Western Warriors (cricket, Sheffield Shield) and Perth Glory (soccer, A-League ).

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