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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the treatment options for Perthes disease?

Treatment options vary based on the age of the patient and stage of disease. Nonsurgical options as well as surgical repair and treatment may be suggested over the course of the disease process. The primary goal of all treatment options are “containment” and maintaining or increasing range of motion.

How does Perthes disease affect the hip joint?

Perthes Disease. Perthes disease is a rare childhood condition affecting the hip joint. Bone in the “ball” (femur head) part of the “ball and socket” hip joint dies from lack of blood supply. When the blood supply returns, a new femoral head forms. Treatments include time/observation, drugs, physical therapy, casting and surgery.

What happens if Perthes disease is left untreated?

If left untreated, the femoral head can deform and not fit well within the acetabulum, which can lead to further hip problems in adulthood, such as early onset of arthritis. There are many treatment options for Perthes disease. Your doctor will consider several factors when developing a treatment plan for your child, including: Your child's age.

What can you do for a child with Perthes?

Some kids will have milder cases of Perthes that can be treated with activity restrictions, physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. Temporary bed rest or decreased weight bearing with a wheelchair or crutches can also be used to decrease the pressure on the hip and the hip joint irritation.

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