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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a Perthes lesion?

A Perthes lesion was defined as a torn anterior labrum that on at least one imaging plane on MR images appeared to be partially attached to the glenoid, with or without visualization of an intact scapular periosteum.

How is a Perthes lesion different from a Bankart lesion?

Perthes lesion is variant of Bankart lesion, presenting as an anterior glenohumeral injury that occurs when the scapular periosteum remains intact but is stripped medially and the anterior labrum is avulsed from the glenoid but remains partially attached to the scapula by intact periosteum. 1 Cause.

How is MR arthrography used to diagnose Perthes lesions?

Conclusion: The use of a combination of axial and abduction-external rotation position sequences on MR images can be helpful in the diagnosis of a Perthes lesion. A fluid-filled joint with capsular distension, caused by either a large amount of effusion or MR arthrography, was found to be helpful in outlining Perthes lesions.

How does a Perthes lesion affect the humeral head?

Perthes lesion. Although the labrum may be normally positioned, functionally it no longer provides any stability to the humeral head, mainly as a result of impairment of the normal stabilizing influence of the inferior glenohumeral ligament.

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