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What happened to the cat in the Miami condo building collapse?

MIAMI -- It was a small moment of hope amid all the pain and devastation: a cat on Saturday was seen wandering a lower floor of the remaining flank of a 12-story condominium complex that partly collapsed near Miami. Crews hoped to place a trap on the balcony so that the feline can be rescued.

What happened to the Florida pet owners who lost their pets?

Pet owners who futilely sought to retrieve their animals from a partially collapsed Florida tower before it was demolished Sunday are suffering unimaginable heartache, their lawyer says. “Sheer trauma. Exhaustion. Heartbreak,” lawyer Paula Phillips told WTVJ-TV on Monday when asked about how the animal-lovers were holding up.

What happened to the Surfside condo collapse survivors?

Florida condo collapse survivors escaped with their lives, but little else Rescue efforts resume at Surfside collapse site; demolition planned Firefighter's daughter, 7, found in Florida condo rubble

What was the name of the dog rescued from the building?

In the first few hours after the building’s collapse, firefighters rescued one fourth-floor family’s dog, Rigatoni, along with the mother and daughter. Daisy is the name of the dog in the Edgar Gonzalez family.

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