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Frequently Asked Questions

Does PetSmart have a vet?

PetSmart also offers veterinary services through Banfield Pet Hospitals inside more than 800 PetSmart stores across the country as well as a number of Independent Veterinarian Operators. For more...

Does PetSmart have dogs?

No. Neither PetSmart nor Petco sell dogs or cats. Stores that sold such animals sourced them from puppy mills and other now discredited places. Both stores do provide space for adoption events to help local rescue groups and shelters find homes for their animals.

Does PetSmart offer dog grooming training?

In addition to food, furniture, toys and pet accessories, PetSmart also offers dog training and grooming , and even daycare and boarding at select locations. Category: Accessories , Food , Furniture , Pets , Toys , View More Coupons

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