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Frequently Asked Questions

Do PetSmart employees get a discount?

Employees receive a 15% discount to use in petsmart stores and online. Petsmart also offers an additional 35% off specific brands of dog/cat food monthly to employees. The discount is different for different items. Once a month you get 50% off "PetSmart" brand food.

Does PetSmart offer dog grooming training?

In addition to food, furniture, toys and pet accessories, PetSmart also offers dog training and grooming , and even daycare and boarding at select locations. Category: Accessories , Food , Furniture , Pets , Toys , View More Coupons

Does PetSmart take in dogs?

PetSmart is not a pet shelter, and they do not have a policy of taking in unwanted animals. If you take it there they will only refer you to your local animal shelters and turn you away. There isn’t a financial advantage in taking in new cats, and the only reason they feature pets for sale in the store is to make money.

What is a PetSmart hotel?

Petsmart Hotel. Petsmart hotel is an amazing service that offers day care along with overnight stays for pets that include cats and dogs. This is great for any owns who are going on holiday or have commitments that mean they need to leave their pet unattended.

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