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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Phoenix Public Library in Phoenix located?

View a map of all Phoenix Public Library Locations. <div class="ExternalClass433CE1E97A3041ED98E74205B4B83518"><p>​1221 N. Central Ave., 85004<br></p></div> <div class="ExternalClassC85ED3A75C55429C9745CE40B83B2297">750 E. Townley Ave, 85020<p><br> </p></div>

How do I search for a library on my phone?

Use the search options directly above the map to pick your search criteria, then hit the Search button. Make sure your phone or browser didn’t add a space to the end of your search terms. That’s a common issue that can cause the map to return no results. If you continue to have trouble, watch our 2-minute video on how to use the map.

Do you need face covering at Phoenix Public Library?

<div class="ExternalClassF42FDB7A244E487C8D4DE3C77F30A6EB"><p>Face coverings are required in all City of Phoenix facilities (including Phoenix Public Library locations) regardless of vaccination status.​​<br></p></div> Visit Us! ?

How to search for a Little Free Library?

You must first enter search criteria and click the Search button. Not all neighborhood book boxes will display on this map. Only registered little libraries whose stewards have opted to share their library locations will display.

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