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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the latest version of Phoenix OS?

Phoenix OS Phoenix OS (2021 edition) is an enhanced new personal OS based on Android suitable for tablets, laptops, desktops and other large-screen devices.

How can I download Phoenix OS to my computer?

Download the Phoenix OS ZIP. At the same time download the USBMaker tool. Run USBMaker.exe then select the ZIP file that was downloaded, the flash drive letter and select the box for “write”. Plug in the USB flash drive that you want Phoenix OS to run on. Boot up the computer and select the USB flash drive from the boot options menu.

What can I do with the Phoenix OS?

In PhoenixOS, apps can be run in a window, minimized into the taskbar, or even change the size of the window. It comes with Microsoft Office Suite for free, apps like WPS, Evernotehave been adapted for the big screen, paired with the multi-windows feature, writing documents, sending emails, taking notes are much easier.

Is the Phoenix OS safe for desktop use?

(634.85 MB) Safe & Secure Phoenix OS is a useful Android-based operating system to play right on the desktop PC an unlimited number of apps such as lightweight social media apps, productive apps, and of course game apps. The software requires a bootable disk for playing the Android as a dedicated OS on your desktop.

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