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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Phoenix OS ISO 3?

Phoenix OS (ISO) 3.6.1. Phoenix OS is an Android-based operating system that you can install on your hard drive or as a bootable DVD or thumb drive. Also available as aa executable here. During installation, you are given the option of your hard drive or to a USB thumb drive.

How to install Phoenix OS (x86) on Windows 10?

Computers with Intel x86 processor and internal storage of more than 2G from the past five years. Download the setup program of Phoenix OS (x86). Double click the setup program on Windows. Select the installation method via setup from the USB drive or install to hard disk on the operation interface.

How to install Android Phoenix OS on hard drive?

2- Select Installation – install Android Phoenix OS to the hard drive and hit input. 3- Android Phoenix OS, Press C, Select Create/Modify Portions and hit enter. 4- Select no for the use of GPT and hit enter. 5- Now we need to create a new partition, select New and hit enter. 6- Select Primary and hit enter.

What happens to my files when I install Phoenix OS?

So all your windows files will stay intact and untouched. None of your softwares and media on your Hard Disk and Windows OS will get deleted. Each time you connect the USB Flash Drive and Boot, you will get to start on Phoenix OS, and after you are done, you can disconnect the Flash Drive and boot back to Windows.

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