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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the Phoenix Public Library?

Access is made available through your library account, but some resources may also require you to create an additional account with them in order to access their services. Prior to any account creation, please make sure to read the resources’ terms and conditions.<br></p></div>

Where can I find the Libby Library app?

Libby works with public libraries that use OverDrive. Over 90% of public libraries in North America have OverDrive, and Libby can be found in 78 countries worldwide. Try searching for your library on .

Is the Greater Phoenix Digital Library on overdrive?

Available now! - Greater Phoenix Digital Library - OverDrive Filter search results. Applied filters. Clear all Available now! …

Is the library in Overdrive a public resource?

The library is often-overlooked public resource (and some are modernizing quickly), but OverDrive brings it back into the fold with the newly redesgined, Libby. Listen up, the library is cool and we all secretly know it.

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