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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Phoenix Public Library work with vendors?

<div class="ExternalClass4C3B834D64334AA7AB62D2A5FCEBBF3F"><p>Phoenix Public Library works with various vendors to provide access to the following resources. Access is made available through your library account, but some resources may also require you to create an additional account with them in order to access their services.

Do you need ecard to go to Phoenix Public Library?

If you already have a Phoenix Public Library card, you do not need an eCard. You already have access to all Phoenix Public Library online services.

Do you need face covering at Phoenix Public Library?

<div class="ExternalClassF42FDB7A244E487C8D4DE3C77F30A6EB"><p>Face coverings are required in all City of Phoenix facilities (including Phoenix Public Library locations) regardless of vaccination status.​​<br></p></div> Visit Us! ?

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