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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PhotoShelter and how does it work?

PhotoShelter’s templates are gorgeous and very highend photography oriented. Their tools allow you to protect your photographs, share them privately and even store them safely online. They are really a one-stop shop for you to grow your photography business and increase your global reach.

Is PhotoShelter a small business?

PhotoShelter currently helps more than 80,000 photographers run their business online, so they are definitely not a small business by any means. They were featured in The New York Times, Digital Photo Pro, Professional Photographer, and a few other popular photography-focused resources.

How do I contact PhotoShelter?

Friendly, personal support is just an email (or phone call) away. Every member of our New York-based team is an expert PhotoShelter user and many are experienced professional photographers. They’re here for you and always eager to help.

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