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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a good picnic?

Make your picnic unique and give it a “theme,” such as “Rally Round the Barbeque Picnic,” or “Picnic Under the Stars,” or “Sunset at the Beach Picnic.” The most important part of any picnic is the people who come–families, children, teens, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. Picnics create friendship and comradery.

What's the best food for a picnic?

So easy! Speaking of store bought picnic food, here are a few other easy picnic ideas: Pick up two or three different kinds of cheese, plus a loaf of delicious bread or crackers. Hit the salad bar and stock up on fresh salads and cut fruit.

How to plan a picnic at the beach with kids?

Investing in picnic chairs or a blanket is a good idea if you will be picnicking at the beach other places where there aren’t tables or chairs. Check out Amazon—a big selection and less expensive. When choosing foods for your picnics, please don’t overload your kids on sugar or unhealthy snacks.

What do you bring to a picnic in the summer?

For equipment bring a picnic basket, insulated containers, plates, cups, and cutlery, ice jugs and coolers, decorations, picnic chairs, and blankets. And it’s always a good idea to bring games such as badminton, bean bags, assorted balls, croquet sets, bubble machines and frisbees to use after everyone eats.

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