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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the play Picnic about?

A Play Picnic is a group session where children and parents are supervised by our experts! The main goal is to meet members of the NoTube team personally and make parents familiar with NoTube’s therapy programs. You will also have time to discuss your child’s journey and future options. Play Picnics are regularly held all over Europe and the US.

Who was the cast of the movie Picnic?

Joshua Logan, director of the original Broadway stage production, directed the film version, which stars William Holden, Kim Novak, and Rosalind Russell, with Susan Strasberg and Cliff Robertson in supporting roles. Picnic was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won two.

What is the music in the movie Picnic?

"Theme from Picnic" is a popular song, originated in the 1955 movie Picnic, starring Kim Novak and William Holden, which was based on the play of the same name. The song is often referred to simply as "Picnic.". The music was written by George Duning. Recordings of the song that feature lyrics also give credit to lyricist Steve Allen.

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