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Frequently Asked Questions

What is picnic popup?

Picnic PopUp is a unique, luxury picnic experience. We’re on a mission to bring people together to celebrate life’s special occasions. Picnic PopUp crafts the ultimate picnic experience, from cozy charm to gorgeous glam.

What makes our luxury pop up picnics so special?

We create luxury pop up picnics with carefully curated collections of stunning crystal cut glassware, exquisite vintage (and contemporary) crockery, quality soft furnishings and unique styling pieces. Most importantly, we make life EASY.

What would you make for a pop up picnic?

We’re here to make your pop up picnic dreams a reality. You’ve been racking your brain to come up with a concept that’s simple to organise, gorgeous (it is a special occasion after all), and a little more chilled. Something that will combine your favourite “C” words… “champagne” and “cheese”. Cheers to that!

Why enchanting pop up picnics KC?

Enchanting. Whatever the occasion, Pop Up Picnics KC offers the ultimate picnic experience – think luxury or glam picnic; where curated design is perfectly paired with chef-inspired food and you don’t have to lift a finger.

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