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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose picnicky's sandwich shop?

At Picnicky's Sandwich Shop, we want to fuel you with fresh, quality ingredients and send you on your way. Life waits for no one. We have a simplified order sheet to Build-Your-Own sandwich - plus plenty of Specialty Sandwiches to choose from. What picnic would be complete without some sides?

What do you serve at a picnic lunch?

Grab your chips, pasta and potato salads, deviled eggs and more. Our Picnic-Tea and Fresh Lemonade will be the cherry on top. Order your favorite Picnicky Sandwich, pick your sides and Let's go! THE PERFECT PICNICKY SANDWICH.

Do they have soft serve at picknicky's?

AND they have pineapple soft serve!!! They actually ran out while we were there so we didn't get any, but still exciting to know it's there. Delicious sandwiches, nice people, heck to the yes. Came to Picknickys on a Sunday afternoon/early evening. Only to realize it was the worst day to come out of the week per the worker.

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