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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use PicsArt?

Another popular use of PicsArt Stickers is adding wings and emojis to pictures. To add wings, select the sticker and place it around the person. Use the eraser tool to erase areas around clothing and body. Pixart comes with tons of fun sticker choices to add fun elements to pictures.

What is the best image editor?

One of the most popular and powerful image editors is Adobe Photoshop. A free alternative to Photoshop is GIMP. Users using Microsoft Windows may also use the pre-installed MSPaint program as a basic image editor.

What is the best free photo editing app?

Pixlr owned by Autodesk Inc. is the best free photo editing app available on iOS and Android devices. Pixlr is known for its simplicity. The initial screen has three options. First two options are for importing images from the photo library or from the camera, and the third one is for making a photo collage.

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