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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the PIX Star App?

Using this app you can quickly browse through the multitude of pictures and videos stored on your Android device and, with a simple click, send them to your Pix-Star frame. This app is limited to sending photos, videos and audio messages that are stored inside your smartphone to your frame.

What can I do with PicsArt for Android?

Make professional-level collages, design and add stickers, quickly remove and swap backgrounds, try popular edits like Golden Hour, Mirror Selfies, and retro VHS or Y2K filters. Picsart is your go-to, all-in-one editor with all the tools you need to give your content a personal flair and make it stand out.

How does a Pix Star picture frame work?

With your Pix-Star frame, sending photos, videos and audio messages takes two clicks! Your chosen recipient receives it, effortlessly. Mere moments after you hit send, your well-deserving loved one is notified of your photo, video, or audio message on their Pix-Star frame, it's that easy!

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