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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register a Pix Star photo frame?

You can visit to register your frame within minutes. Choose a personalized email address for the frame and you are ready to send, receive, share and enjoy pictures on your Pix-Star! Friends and family can now email photos directly from their computer, Smartphone, tablet, or Pix-Star frame to your frame.

What makes the PIX-Star frame one of the best?

Pix-Star frames can be remotely controlled through the web interface... What Makes the Pix-Star Frame One of the Best? Sleek and smooth user interface – Pix-Star frames are exceptionally easy to use and offer great versatility and functionality to all users, especially the elderly.

How does a Pix-star WiFi photo frame work?

Pix-Star Wi-Fi frames addresses this issue in a very smart and simple way, by using photo-mails. Pix-Star provides users with multiple convenient possibilities to transfer pictures to the device, the easiest one being to send pictures as an attachment by email (photo-mails) to the frame’s own and dedicated email address.

What is a Pix star?

Pix-Star is THE digital photo frame for the whole family! We believe the future of the Internet is in simplicity and access to services for people of all ages and backgrounds. Pix-Star is aimed at helping friends and family share their best moments in a simple and seamless way, using the power of the Internet.

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