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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best body piercing?

Titanium is by far the top choice for body piercings, and can be safely used for initial piercings. Implant grade titanium G23 (Ti6al4v-ELI) is the material used in surgical implants, is biocompatible (friendly with your body), resistant to body fluids and nickel free.

Do piercings have meanings?

Yes, actually most piercings DO HAVE MEANINGS, but people who choose not to look deeply into piercing, and the people who just get them for looks mostly don't know them. The naval piercing has been rumored to originate in the ancient Egyptian culture and was a symbol of beauty and wealth.

What are the types of ear piercings?

The most popular types of ear piercings are earlobe piercings, industrial piercings, helix piercings, tragus piercings, daith piercings, and rook piercings. The type of ear piercing you get determines the best style of jewelry to wear, and there are some ear piercings where men's and women's taste in jewelry tends to differ.

What is the history of body piercings?

The Ancient Piercing, B.C. Ranging from the lip and tongue in ancient African cultures, the nose and ears in Israel, and the nipples in Rome (ouch), the history of putting sharp objects through the body is dated back almost to 5,000 years ago. Piercings in ancient times could have signified multiple things such as marks of prostitution,...

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