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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take a Pilates class in NYC?

Manhattan area - flatiron district for equipment privates. Pilates mat class can be done anywhere :) Sana Vita Studio's mission is to transform your mind and body and facilitate a change in individual health through Yoga, Pilates, Bodhi and... Read More

Where are the best Pilates classes in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale Classical Pilates is located at Fusion Health and Wellness. We offer private and group Pilates mat, as well as stretch and barre classes. Our dedication to quality instruction allows our clients to experience the amazing benefits this method of body conditioning has to offer. ...

Is there a Pilates Studio in Palm Desert?

Palm Desert Pilates studio offers a more traditional approach to Pilates. You will learn the principles of this work developed by Joseph Pilates and how to use all the equipment he created. The goal of this studio is to give you a deeper understanding of your body and how you can keep it moving safely using this unique exercise program.

What can I do at the Indy House of Pilates?

Aspire to share your passion for the Pilates method with others by becoming a professional Pilates Instructor. Indy House of Pilates offers high-quality, private and group Pilates equipment classes PLUS group fitness classes, like yoga, Pilates mat, Zumba®, TRX®, STRONG Nation™ and fitness barre.

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