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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pilates wheel and how does it work?

With the cost and cumbersome size of Reformer and Cadillac gears removed, the Pilates Wheel, along with its workout videos and nutritional guidelines, makes it possible to do at home Pilates routines that were previously restricted to studio classes and achieve the same results, without the crowd and the commuting times.

What is the Pilates wheel DLX?

The Pilates Wheel DLX brings even more to your workouts by anchoring your system for additional resistance and moves. With the DLX, you can do every single Reformer move for even more versatility. The same full-body Pilates machine PLUS an anchoring system that allows up to 40% more moves.

How do I store the Pilates wheel?

The Pilates Wheel can be easily stored in your closet or under your sofa, it is much cheaper than traditional Pilates equipment and allows for a vast range of moves and exercises for a complete Pilates workout.

Do you like Pilates without the $2500 reformer?

If you like Pilates without the $2500 reformer and the $50 per class - THIS IS IT. It's even harder than the reformer because you need more balance - core strength - to keep the wheel steady. *Results may vary. Testimonial results based on a reduced calorie diet and regular use of the Pilates Wheel. The quickest way to look like you lost 5 lbs?

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