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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wavewaveforms Pilates?

Waveforms Pilates provides not just instructors, but Pilates and movement educators, to support you in your personal goals and help you develop a connected body and mind. We take a contemporary approach to the Pilates Method layering in anatomy and exercise science, along with customizing the sessions to fit your specific body and needs.

What is the difference between waveforms and purepilates?

Pilates is truly for any body, and Waveforms is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a fitness program tailored to your specific goals or physical considerations. Pilates equipment is spring resistance based, and helps build uniform muscle and flexibility.

Why did Molly Jo start Pilates?

Being a dancer for most of her life, Molly Jo originally found that Pilates was a great way to maintain balance in her body through vigorous dance rehearsals, performances, and injuries.

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