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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pine tree?

The Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) is among the best-selling Christmas trees in America. It is valued for it delicate appearance and excellent needle retention, and is especially well-suited for small and lightweight ornaments.

Which pine trees have the largest cones?

Pinus lambertiana (commonly known as the sugar pine or sugar cone pine) is the tallest and most massive pine tree, and has the longest cones of any conifer. The species name lambertiana was given by the British botanist David Douglas, who named the tree in honour of the English botanist, Aylmer Bourke Lambert.

What are the names of pine trees?

Bull pine, Cuban pine, Mexican weeping pine, jack pine, Austrian or black pine, sequoias, tamarack, red spruce, white spruce, Sitka spruce, red cedar, etc., are some other common types of pine trees. Almost 35 species of pine trees are found throughout North America.

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