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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Pipkins for contact center management?

Contact Center Management Made Easy. Whether you have 30 agents or 30,000, Pipkins has what you need to manage your contact centers: The accurate workforce management solution you need with the power and agility to adapt to your specific business operations. Helping Make Your People More Effective.

Why choose a hosted workforce management solution from lookuppipkins?

Pipkins hosted workforce management solutions offer many unique features and advantages that aren't available anywhere else in the marketplace: To learn more... Subscriptions to are available in monthly or yearly periods.

Why work with Pipkins?

When you work with Pipkins, you benefit from an agile partner focused on delivering the accurate workforce management solutions you need. We are dedicated to providing prompt, dependable service and continuously evolving to meet our customers’ changing needs.

Why workforce management tools?

From your contact center to your back office, our Workforce Management tools help you keep all your teams engaged and at peak efficiency. Increased ROI. More Profit. Higher productivity and lower costs mean more cash goes straight to the bottom line as profit. Who doesn’t want that? The Technology That Sets Our WFM Tools Apart.

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